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Why Your Windows Are Filled With Argon Gas

There is more to good quality windows than just frames and glass panes. A window’s efficiency is affected by the type of seal, coating and gas fill used when making it. Not all homeowners are aware that their windows may actually be filled with gas.

Window Gas Fills

Windows manufactured before the 1950s weren’t filled with gas yet. Following decades of testing various gases, argon emerged as the most cost-effective choice for window manufacturers. Gas fills help insulate windows better.

Gas Fill Drawbacks

When improperly installed, your windows can leak gas. You can end up with foggy windows when condensation develops in the space between your panes. The same can happen if your windows aren’t sealed right, too. Avoiding these is why it has become so important to have your window design and window installation overseen only by a certified top window company.

Argon Gas Blend Benefits

Windows from Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco are filled with an argon gas blend that is non-toxic and odorless. It is colorless as well, which means it won’t affect how your windows look and end up ruining your home’s overall design. With gas filling just the right amount of space between your glass panes, your windows can function more efficiently and help you save energy in the long run. 

Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco can help you improve your home. Our windows are manufactured for beauty, durability and energy efficiency. Call (510) 263-3210, or fill out our form for an estimate request. Consultations are free for residents of San Francisco, CA.


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