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Why It Pays to Invest in a Professional Window Installation

With tons of online video tutorials and DIY articles on how homeowners can complete home improvement projects on their own, it can be tempting to try it yourself. Window installation shouldn’t be one of these projects, though. 

Why It Pays to Invest in a Professional Window Installation

In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco explains why it’s best to leave this intricate job to the professionals.

  • Experts are equipped with the right tools. Window installation professionals have an extensive set of standard and special tools required for the job. Note that certain window styles and shapes require special equipment, which is often very pricey and difficult to find.
  • Experts are trained to deliver excellent results. There’s no room for mistakes for professional window contractors. They know that proper window installation is key to long-lasting windows. When installing replacement units, they always ensure a tight fit and weathertight seal around the frame. With this, your home can prevent unwanted drafts and energy loss. Professionals always follow specific manufacturer’s instructions to make sure the windows they install work as they should.
  • Experts back their products and services with proper warranties. If your windows suddenly develop issues, warranties can cover the repair or replacement cost over a specific period. In contrast, if you choose to install your windows on your own and break something, you will have to shoulder all the expenses, costing you even more.

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Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco is the leading provider of top-quality windows in the region. Our replacement process begins with professional consultation and comprehensive inspection. We custom-build your windows to make sure they suit the unique requirements of your home and that they will fit perfectly. We have decades of experience installing windows in local homes, so rest assured we will provide a smooth window installation service.

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