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Why Argon is The Best Insulating Gas Fill for Windows


You don’t see it, but an insulating gas is the invisible hero behind energy-efficient windows. Instead of leaving the gap between the panels of your double-pane unit empty, argon, among others, is widely used to minimize thermal transfer.

Why Argon is The Best Insulating Gas Fill for Windows

Here’s how argon works as a gas fill in windows replacement:

It Makes It Hard for Heat to Pass Through

Like other insulating materials, argon acts as a barrier to prevent your indoor heat from escaping. But unlike most gases, argon’s higher density delivers better thermal efficiency. This slow-moving gas allows less convection, keeping heat loss to a minimum.

Since krypton is denser than argon, many argue that the former makes a better insulating gas fill. While this is true, krypton is far costlier than argon. Considering krypton is just marginally more efficient than argon, its slightly superior performance wouldn’t suffice to justify its higher price.

At Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco, we use an argon gas blend to balance energy efficiency and cost. This way, we minimize our expenses in producing replacement windows without necessarily skimping on quality. In turn, we pass down the savings to our customers.

It Keeps the Glass Warm

Insulated windows with an argon gas fill are less likely to form condensation. This is especially true in high-moisture areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Although fogging on the exterior surface of the glass could indicate good energy efficiency, excessive humidity could result in water damage. With argon, the center and the edges of your window glass would stay above the dew point to keep it from sweating.

It Doesn’t Corrode Materials

Argon wasn’t the first thermally efficient gas used for fill. When double glazing was introduced, ordinary air was used in between the glass panes. In the ‘70s, some manufacturers utilized carbon dioxide and Freon. Unfortunately, these gases have side effects. Oxygen causes window materials to deteriorate over time, while carbon dioxide and Freon easily precipitates discoloration and are sensitive to seal failure.

On the other hands, replacement windows that use argon develop no structural and cosmetic problems. Trapped using our precise dual sealing process, the odds of having window seal failure is minuscule to keep argon where it should be.

Invest in custom windows that guarantee exceptional insulation to elevate the energy efficiency of your home in San Francisco, CA. Call Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco today at (510) 263-3210 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll be happy to further discuss the advanced science behind our high-performance products and talk about your needs.


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