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What Types of Grille Patterns Go Well With Your Style?


The only thing better than a high-performance, energy-efficient replacement window from a reputable window contractor is the same window but with designs, colors and patterns that fit the rest of your home’s architectural style. Choosing a grille pattern, or, for that matter, any other window accessory, can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to blend it seamlessly with your home.

What Types of Grille Patterns Go Well With Your Style?

Here are a few tips on how to choose window grilles for your home.

The Classic Colonial

As one of the most prolific architectural styles in the country, many window companies have long since perfected window designs that check all the design elements of a classic colonial home. Typical patterns include two horizontal and vertical muntin forming six individual glass panels in one window. This is commonly used in double-hung windows; however, it’s not uncommon to see its use in other styles as well.

The Rustic Farmhouse

The farmhouse reflects the sensibilities of the rural lifestyle that developed the style. Simplicity is the key to farmhouse designs as well as natural textures and colors, such as wood grain and off-white. As such, grilles for farmhouse windows tend to be a simpler version of their colonial counterparts, often featuring four panels instead of the usual six formed by two muntins instead of four.

The Perennial Prairie

Casement windows are the number one choice by both window contractors and homeowners alike for prairie-style homes. These windows pair well with grille patterns that emphasize a larger glass area framed with narrower panes closer to the sash.

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