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Warping in Wood and Vinyl Windows: Why Does It Happen?

Warping is one of the most prevalent problems in wood and vinyl windows. In addition to unsightly frames, it also prevents the windows from doing their intended function. It comes in many forms, with bowing (frames bending along the face of the window) and crooking (frames bending along the edge of the window) being the most common.

But what causes warping in wood and vinyl windows?

Warping in Wood Windows

The causes of warping in wood windows differ from that of vinyl windows. In this case, bending on the frames occurs due to wood absorbing and retaining moisture, resulting in failure that keeps the windows from maintaining their form. Also, getting exposed to temperature changes causes the wooden frames to expand and contract until they become bent.

Warping in Vinyl Windows

Meanwhile, vinyl windows warp because of prolonged exposure to heat. This softens the vinyl components, making the frames more malleable. Closing the windows strains the frames further, causing them to bend inward. They harden when cooled down, keeping the frames warped.

Avoiding Warping With Replacement Windows

Given the tendency of wood and vinyl window frames to warp, it makes sense to look for replacement windows that won’t experience this issue. Fibrex®, the Renewal by Andersen® exclusive composite framing material, is one such example.

It is a mix of thermoplastic polymer and reclaimed wood fibers, bringing together the stability of wood windows and the low-maintenance qualities of vinyl windows. Fibrex windows have high resistance against rot, mold and decay. More importantly, these windows don’t have high expansion and contraction rates, which means they won’t warp or bend even with temperature changes.

Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco offers beautiful, easy-to-maintain and energy-efficient Fibrex replacement windows. Choose from our wide array of makes and models to install that will beautify your home and add elegance to any room. Learn more by calling (510) 263-3210 or filling out our contact form for a virtual consultation. We serve residents of San Francisco, CA, and the surrounding communities.


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