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Various Window Treatments for Different Rooms

Window treatments are one of the best methods you can use to spruce up your interior. After all, they help make your windows the focal point of any room. However, some homeowners are uncertain as to how they can fully use window treatments to further enhance their interior’s aesthetic appeal.


When picking out the right window treatment for your bedroom, make sure to take both privacy and light filtering into account. The best way to do this is to install a double rod in your bedroom and add two different kinds of window treatments to them. By doing so, your draperies will have a blackout lining to prevent light from coming through, ensuring privacy and helping you sleep better.


As for your bathroom, choose a window treatment material that’s both mildew resistant and durable enough to handle a bathroom’s daily humidity. One such example is a light-filtering honeycomb shade as it can allow ample light to enter your bathroom without sacrificing privacy.


On the other hand, consider Roman shades as your treatment of choice for kitchen replacement windows to add a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen. Apart from that, the reason why Roman shades are a good choice for kitchen windows is because you can raise them higher to prevent them from becoming dirty.

Living Room

When choosing the appropriate window treatment for your living room, you’ll want to select something that can last through multiple updates. For instance, you can pick one that is neutral enough to work with the color palettes that you might bring into your living room. Consider layering the space with both drapery and light-filtering Roman shades as well for enhanced appeal.

Dining Room

Similar to your kitchen, you can consider Roman shades with blackout lining for your dining room to make it easier to control the amount of light that enters the room. Alternatively, you can also consider a window treatment that has an inside mount instead of an outside mount to allow your window’s trim to stand out and create a modern look for your dining room.

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