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Useful Tips for Improving Natural Ventilation at Home

Natural ventilation is an eco-friendly way of letting in fresh outdoor air into your home. Aside from this, you may have also heard the term “passive cooling”. This is because it’s related to natural ventilation, referring to designs that don’t use complex mechanical equipment to create and maintain comfortable conditions indoors.

All this simply means you won’t have to use your HVAC system as much to keep your home’s indoor air quality within comfortable levels. In fact, it’s one of the most practical and effective ways to accomplish sustainability and green living, and can be achieved when you harness your windows right.

If you want more natural ventilation in your home, here are some useful tips you need to consider:

Automated Natural Ventilation Systems 

These are systems that automatically adjust your window and ventilation openings to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Having an automated system helps in releasing and regulating heat and airflow, which can prevent overheating especially in homes with large swathes of northern glazing. You can consult with your locally trusted contractor on how you can incorporate these systems into your home.

Let in the Cool Air at Night 

Homes usually cool faster at night time when the hot air is replaced with cooler night air. Keep in mind that hot air always escapes faster through higher openings so we recommend leaving your skylights and other high windows open at night so that the warm air can dissipate as well as ventilate the indoor spaces when the next day comes.

Window and Door Orientation 

Orienting your windows and doors in a way that maximizes any passing breeze really depends on the time of day as well as where you live and your local climate. If you live in a coastal region, the breeze will come from an onshore direction; however, the wind travels downslope if you live in mountainous and hilly regions. In fact, some maritime regions can even have strong winds, with the cooler breezes often occurring in the late afternoon or early evening. We recommend putting up plants and fences that can help filter breezes through a window or door while also keeping your home protected from stronger winds.

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