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Top 3 Causes of Window Seal Failure

Windows not only improve your home’s curb appeal; they also contribute greatly to its comfort and energy efficiency. But there are instances when the seal in your windows will start failing, allowing outdoor heat or cold to leak into your home, while costly energy leaks out. But what causes this?

  1. Moisture damage: Most windows can withstand the harshest elements, but constant exposure to rain can also lead to deterioration of window seals. Over time, the water will seep into the seal and cause it to lift. If you have wood windows, exposing them to moisture encourages warping, mold growth and rot in the frames – creating small openings that make it easy for cold drafts or unwanted heat to infiltrate your home.

  1. Installation mistakes: This is probably one of the most common reasons window seals fail. When planning a window replacement, make sure to work only with a professional who has the necessary skills and experience. Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco, for instance, has provided homeowners in the Bay Area with the highest quality window replacement services for decades. As your trusted window contractor, we deliver only superior workmanship that leaves no room for costly mistakes.

  1. Old age: Windows that are nearing, or have reached, the end of their service life typically have failed seals. In fact, the older the method of weather protection, the more likely the seals to fail. When this is the case in your existing window units, a prompt replacement is the smarter and better decision. 

At Renewal by Andersen, our exceptional replacement windows use exclusive Fibrex® material for their sashes and frames. This composite offers the strength and superior insulating value of wood, plus the low-maintenance performance of vinyl. Fibrex doesn’t crack, chip, pit or corrode, and stays a durable, weathertight seal that prevents significant energy loss. With our replacement windows, ensuring a more thermally comfortable and efficient living space is worry-free.

Look no further than Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco for all your window replacement needs. We serve the areas in and around San Francisco, CA. Call us today at (510) 263-3210, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.



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