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Tips to Hang Decorations Easily and Safely

Decorating your home to celebrate the season should be exciting. This holiday season, save your windows and walls from damage when hanging your decorations. Once the festivities are over, your decorations should be removed without leaving any marks or damage to your home. Here are tips for hanging decorations safely and easily. 

When it comes to your decorations and ornaments, choose lightweight and thin materials to hang. This way, your windows and walls would not be strained by the weight. Before starting, make sure you have your materials ready. Aside from decorations, you need to gather fishing lines, ceiling hooks, strings, self-adhesive hooks and clothespins. These materials will help you hang and stick your decorations without the need to drill a hole on your walls for nails or pegs.

Decorating Windows

Your windows are a great place to display your decorations. Before hanging anything on them, make sure you remove the screen. This way, your decorations would be viewed and appreciated. You can use a fishing line to hang your décor; this will make your ornaments look like they’re floating. You can also add color by hanging them with red or green ribbons.

If you want to stick decorations on the glass of your windows, just make sure you’re not leaving any permanent marks. You can run some tap water first over your window clings to improve their adhesion to the glass. Then, press your clings and decorations against the glass, and gently wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

Decorating Walls

For your wall hooks, buy an adhesive that will not harm the paint on your walls. Begin by cleaning the area of the wall to which the hooks will be attached. After you’ve cleaned and dried the wall, you can hang your hooks. It’s best to place the hooks just above your eye level. After you’ve secured your hooks, you’ll need to cut a piece of string or fishing line so you can hang your decorations.

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