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Tips on Abating Outdoor Noise and Loud Ambient Indoor Sounds


All of us deserve peace and quiet at home, and yet noise tends to follow us around. If you live in an urban area, it is hard to escape loud sounds. Fortunately, you can minimize the racket with simple soundproofing strategies. Check out the following tips:

Tips on Abating Outdoor Noise and Loud Ambient Indoor Sounds

Buy Energy-Efficient Windows

Reliable window contractors, including Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco, attest that ENERGY STAR®–certified fenestration products contribute to noise abatement.

Compared to single-pane units, double-pane windows reduce sound transmission better for they have the benefit of thickness. The presence of argon in the space between the two sheets of glass enhances the soundproofing characteristics of a unit, too.

Ensure Airtight Construction and Installation

Sound waves travel by air, so it is imperative to keep your glass fenestration units as airtight as possible.

For this reason, buy custom windows. These products are made to measure, which is why they are guaranteed to match the unique dimensions of the openings. At Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco, our project technicians conduct measurements twice to leave no room for miscalculation.

Decorate With Sound-Absorbing Items

To reduce ambient indoor noise, fill your rooms with sound-absorbing material. Like light, sound bounces off surfaces, so choose your furnishings carefully. We recommend dressing your windows with heavy drapes and covering your floors with rugs and carpets to keep the noise from echoing.

Put a Premium on Insulation

Experienced window companies agree that insulation lessens sound transmission, too. In any enclosed space with loud appliances, installing adequate wall insulation effectively can soundproof the area.

Talk to Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco to discuss your window replacement project and to learn more sound noise abatement techniques. Call us at (510) 263-3210 to arrange your free no-obligation consultation in San Francisco.


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