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Things You Should Expect During Your Next Window Replacement


If this is your first window installation project, then you should expect certain things during the process. Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco discusses these items and why you shouldn’t worry about them.

Things You Should Expect During Your Next Window Replacement

Taking Measurements During the First Consultation

The first step of our window replacement process is the first consultation. Our expert consultant discusses your options, narrows down your replacement window preferences and provides a written quotation by the end of the consultation. During this time, we will also take accurate measurements of your windows, even if you haven’t signed the contract yet. This is done because we want to provide an accurate quotation, particularly the cost, as each replacement window is custom-crafted and will need accurate measurements.

Window Permits

While window installation is not as big as roof replacement projects, it nevertheless requires permits and other related paperwork. This means there will be a few days gap between the consultation and installation dates. During this time, the replacement windows will be crafted at our facilities in Minnesota and delivered using our own trucks – no third parties that could cause delays.

We Can Install in Most Weather Conditions

Unlike roofing projects, window replacement can be done even when it’s raining. In fact, we can even install new windows in climates that get several inches of snow. The key is in the installation process: many other window contractors remove all the windows before installing a single one, which leaves the house open to the elements, dust and insects. Our installers remove and replace windows one by one and then thoroughly clean the window area before moving onto the next. This ensures minimal heat loss or gain as well as less cleanup work by the time the installation is completed.

Unforeseen Changes

Sometimes, there are necessary changes that have to be done in the middle of a project, which usually happens when structural issues need to be fixed like rot around the window openings. Since these costs are not included in the quoted amount, having an “emergency fund” – worth about 10% to 20% of the quoted cost – should be enough to cover such changes.

To learn more about our window installation process, call Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco today at (510) 263-3210. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free in-home consultation. We serve San Francisco, CA, and surrounding areas.


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