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The Correct Way to Clean Casement Windows


Renewal by Andersen® window replacement products are designed for easy cleaning. Whether it’s a simple picture window or a unique specialty window with a complex operation, we make it a point to build our products with easy and simple maintenance as one of our defining features. Still, many homeowners remain baffled about how to properly clean certain styles, particularly casement windows.

The Correct Way to Clean Casement Windows

Preparing the Windows

Depending on what type of accessories you have on your window, preparation steps may vary. If you have an insect screen attached to the interior sash, unclip it first, and set it aside. Do the same with any interior grille you might have on the window. Renewal by Andersen grilles can be lifted away from the edges of the frame easily. The grille clips are non-detachable and must not be forced out even after the grille is removed.

Easy Cleaning

You can use any glass cleaning product to wipe down the glazing on your casement window. Alternatively, you can also use a 50-50 mixture of a mild liquid detergent and water along with a microfiber dishcloth or any non-abrasive sponge to wipe down all surfaces. You may use this same solution to clean both the interior and exterior frame, trims and sashes as well.


Start by replacing the interior grilles back into place. You’ll need to use a little force to get the grille clips to “catch” the grille itself. If you have an insect screen on your windows replacement, you may position it back on its wing clip fasteners and lock it back in place.

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