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Super Window: The Andersen® Difference

Windows are essential in every household. They provide convenience, increase a house’s R-value, provide security and affect its overall visual appeal. However, some windows in the market today are not efficient enough.

Super Window: The Andersen® Difference

Millions of dollars are wasted due to energy loss due to poorly performing windows every winter. That’s why, the Andersen® super window is such an innovation.

Super Window Specifications

The super window is set to make a huge impact in the window and door industry. This product is currently under development and is scheduled to be released soon. Andersen and the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) scientists have collaborated to design a window that can insulate at least twice as much as 99% of the best performing windows today. 

Here are its specifications:

  1. Thin Triple Design

With an additional glass layer in between two layers of a double-glazed window, this innovation can give seven times more insulating power than a single-glazed window. 

  1. Double Low-E Coating

Current top-notch replacement windows have a resistant value of R-4. With a doubled Low-E coating, the super window will have an R-value of R-8 to R-10. This means it will not only resist heat, but it will also block long-wave infrared rays.

  1. Krypton Gas

In between multiple panes of glass, there is gas serving as a barrier against heat transfer. Argon gas is commonly used in windows. It is 6 times denser than air while Krypton is 12 times denser than air. Meaning to say, Krypton blocks thermal energy better than Argon and, therefore, is more efficient.

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