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Should You Replace All Your Windows?

It’s best to immediately replace your damaged and compromised windows to avoid wasting energy and money. While you are at it, should you just replace your windows all at once? 

Should You Replace All Your Windows?

The Importance of Window Replacement

There are a lot of advantages to replacing your aging and inefficient windows. New windows are energy-efficient, easy to clean and do not require a lot of maintenance. An upgrade is always better than your old windows that may have been costing you money by overworking your HVAC system. New windows also insulate better and improve your home’s indoor air quality. It’s a worthy investment as newly replaced windows boost your home’s resale value. 

How Many Windows Should You Get?

Should you just replace your windows all at once, including your old but capable windows? It’s not necessary to waste money by replacing windows that are still efficient. You should prioritize the windows that are liabilities – windows that are visibly damaged and are compromising your home’s energy performance. If you need to replace multiple windows, you won’t need to replace them all at once. It’s advised to carefully plan a timeline to replace your windows within intervals. This way, your window installation is not overwhelming.

Save With Replacement Windows

By replacing windows that increase your energy consumption, you can now save money with your less expensive utility bills. In the long run, you’ll be saving money on repairs, maintenance and high utility bills. Also, if you’re capable of replacing your windows all at once, you may ask the dealer for a discount or a deal for you to save money. 

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