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Resolving Common Problems in Sliding Windows


Space-saving home solutions remain one of the top trends in home improvement and remodeling projects this year. In the windows replacement industry, this is greatly exemplified by the growing demand for sliders: doors and windows with a sliding operation. However, like most other home improvement features, they are not without problems.

Resolving Common Problems in Sliding Windows

Water Problems

Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows are designed to be 100% hermetically sealed to prevent water from penetrating the glazing and causing damage to the interior mechanism of the window. However, sliding windows often have open tracks that the sash follows to close or open. These tracks are prone to gathering water, which is why weep holes – small holes along the railing – are put in place to drain any gathered water. Regularly clean the tracks to prevent the holes from getting clogged and eliminate any dust or debris which may obstruct the window’s movement.


Windows crafted from wood or aluminum experience a normal amount of thermal deformation over the course of their service life. Sometimes, this constant cycle of expansion and contraction can leave the frame warped and distorted, causing troubles in the window’s operation. Renewal by Andersen windows use our exclusive polymer composite frame, Fibrex®, which is more resistant to temperature-related physical deformation. The material also lends itself well to lubrication, which adds a couple of years to its lifespan.


It’s not uncommon for any style of replacement windows to suffer from the occasional leakage issue. Regular maintenance, resealing and recaulking can minimize the effects of this problem. Renewal by Andersen windows are factory-sealed, which means you won’t have to worry too much about leakage problem.

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