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Replace or Keep Your Windows Before Selling Your Home?

Installing new windows can bring several benefits that homeowners love, such as added curb appeal, more energy efficiency, reduced outdoor noises, better indoor comfort and air quality, and others. If your existing windows are old and starting to fall apart, and you intend to spend more years in the same home, replacing your old windows is a no-brainer.

selling a home

But what if you’re planning to put your home up for sale? Does it still make sense to replace your old windows? Here are the factors you should consider first:

How Do Buyers Feel in Your Area?

The local real estate market should give you a hint. It’s true, in many cases, a homebuyer would be a lot less likely to make a purchase if the house is fitted with energy-efficient windows. At least one survey points to 87% of buyers considering such windows as either essential or at least desirable. If this is true where you live, then new windows should give you an advantage when you sell.

However, if the prices in your area are desirable enough for most buyers, and homes are selling quickly, it might not be important to replace your windows now. Always consider the state of real estate sales in your area. You can consult a local realtor about this.

Are Your Existing Windows a Turn-Off?

Perform a personal evaluation of your own home. Check for signs of water damage around the windows. Then, check each one for ease of operation. Inspect the locking mechanisms, too. Are your windows in such poor condition that you wouldn’t buy your own home? If they are, then a window replacement makes sense. However, if your windows look fine and work properly, there’s probably no need to replace them.

Should the Windows Be Your Priority?

Are there more pressing repairs than your windows? For example, if your roof is leaking or at the end of its service life, it makes more sense to replace it than to work on your old windows, which are not great but at least acceptable.

Spend your money on the things that need your attention the most before you put your home on the market.

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