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Reasons to Choose Bigger Window Sizes for the Bathroom


Privacy is the primary reason many homeowners choose to install small replacement windows for their bathrooms. In some cases, a window is not deemed as important for the bathroom, but they can be beneficial in this space.

Reasons to Choose Bigger Window Sizes for the Bathroom

Not many homeowners, however, realize that a small window isn’t the only option for bathroom windows. In fact, other window sizes have been proven to blend seamlessly with the room’s interior design. In addition, privacy can still be maintained even with large windows.

Bigger Windows for Daylighting

Small bathroom windows are designed to limit visibility. They are often placed high above the interior walls to ensure the utmost privacy. Even so, they allow natural light to flow into the room. Such examples include small casement windows and porthole windows.

Taller, larger window styles can also allow for more daylight. Examples of replacement windows that come in such sizes include classic double hung, bow and bay, and sliding windows. They do a great job in letting sunlight in because they have larger glass panes.

In addition, daylighting makes any room look bigger and more inviting. For small-sized bathrooms, taller, larger windows can be a perfect fit. The sun shining on these windows helps create an illusion of a more open space.

Privacy With Bigger Windows

Larger bathroom windows can still maintain privacy while also providing daylighting. You can add interior design elements, such as curtains, blinds or shutters for better visual appeal. Otherwise, windows can be customized with textured glass over film for the glass panes. These are solutions for homeowners who are looking to let natural light into their bathrooms but don’t want to feel exposed.

For your bathroom window needs, contact the windows replacement professionals of Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco. We offer windows of different sizes and styles to go with your bathroom’s design. Note, however, that we cannot help you with the wall openings. We can, however, customize the size of your windows to fit existing openings.

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