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Qualities of a Well-Designed Window

Window design is more than just about the looks. The window must be well-designed.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important design consideration and is a feature that you should put at the top of your list when buying new windows. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates up to 48% of an average home’s annual energy consumption is spent on heating and cooling alone. Choosing energy-efficient replacement windows can help prevent heat leaks and cut down as much as 25% of your total annual energy costs.

Windows are part of what is called the energy envelope, the part of your home that also includes the attic, exterior walls and entry doors. All of these components form an insulated enclosure that helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures by slowing down thermal transfer, leading to lower heating and cooling requirements. 

Low-Maintenance Requirements

Long-term usage is another important window design consideration. Users should be able to enjoy the benefits of their windows for as long as they can, and that includes not having to spend too much effort on care and maintenance. Not all window materials are easy to clean and maintain. Traditional wood windows, in particular, require scraping and repainting every few years while those made from composite do not. In addition to maintenance requirements, consider windows with sashes that can be removed, tilted or reached around for easy cleaning.

Window Hardware

Window hardware is often overlooked, yet they’re just as essential to window design. Hardware has many moving parts so you need window hardware that can withstand years of use. They should also complement window aesthetics, and should be included in the replacement window’s warranty coverage.

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