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Modern Architecture: Defining Qualities to Keep in Mind

If you love to live in a house where simplicity and elegance beautifully coexist, the Modern style is for you. Today, Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco talks about the defining characteristics of this architecture.

Modern Architecture: Defining Qualities to Keep in Mind

Large Windows

Modern homes use big glass units to blur the lines separating the interior rooms and the outside world. The windows are not just large in size individually; they also come in groups to magnify the wonderful benefits of each.

It is not unusual for Modern home windows to occupy the entire height of the wall or to hug corners. They generally feature slim framing to erase any evidence of their presence.

Any reliable window contractor like Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco would encourage you to combine fixed and operating glass units. As long as there is at least one casement window in each finished room, your Modern home will be up to code.

Open Areas

Much like Contemporary homes, Modern houses put a premium on open space. While they contain minimal accessories, they do not feel empty because the profusion of natural light brings a lot of energy into the rooms.

Linear Elements

The pervasiveness of corners in Modern homes does not mean curves are non-existent, but clean lines and unpretentious shapes clearly dominate the space. That is why window contractors recommend square and rectangular glass units.

Natural Materials

When it comes to materials, the Modern style likes to keep things organic. Be it wood, stone or metal, letting building materials stay in their natural state as much as possible nails the aesthetic of architecture.

Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco windows are perfect for Modern homes. Our products feature thin frames made of Fibrex® material and are available in stainable wood interiors.

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