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How to Properly Address the Problem of Rattling Windows

Rattling windows can be annoying. The noise you hear as you try to move them is an indication of an issue that needs to be properly addressed before the damage becomes worse. And depending on the level of damage, a full window replacement may be recommended instead of having to spend on extensive repairs. Here are some of the common causes of rattling windows.

How to Properly Address the Problem of Rattling Windows

Loose Glass

This is one of the most common causes of rattling windows. If the glass on your windows seems loose or out of place, it needs to be re-caulked to make it airtight. This could be done on your own, but you’ll have to see to it that there aren’t any gaps, and the window glass is firmly held in place. It’s often better that you let a trusted professional do the job for you to ensure the caulk is applied to all window edges. Once done, soak a rag in vinegar to wipe away any excess caulk on your window frames and glass. 

Loose Sash 

Your windows are subject to deterioration over time due to their constant exposure to the elements. Natural wear and tear causes window sashes to come loose, causing them to rattle in the wind. This is more likely to happen to wood-framed windows since the material can warp and shrink under constant weather changes. If this is the case with your windows, don’t think twice, and get new windows ASAP. 

Preventing Future Rattling Issues

Your windows must be installed professionally as this will go a long way toward keeping them in their best condition. Regular maintenance checks are also extremely important if you want to reduce the risk of rattling on your windows. They tend to deteriorate faster if they aren’t properly maintained, so make sure that they’re cleaned regularly. And if you have wooden windows, rainwater can cause damage in the long run if neglected. A full replacement can also sometimes be more cost-effective since you won’t have to frequently pay for repairs.

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