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How to Determine if Your Home Needs Sliding Windows

Sliding windows offer more than just versatility. They’re easy to use, require minimal maintenance and help improve your home’s energy efficiency! But with all the benefits they offer, is it still ideal to get them for your home?

How to Determine if Your Home Needs Sliding Windows

Function and Practicality

Also known as gliding windows, sliding windows are widely popular thanks to their low-friction rolling sliders that allow smooth and easy operation. Compared to other windows, they’re inexpensive and won’t wear down easily because they don’t have any cranks or other hardware installed. Of course, they still have locking mechanisms, but these are still relatively sturdy compared to other windows.

Sliding windows are also ideal in places with an unobstructed view or where maximum ventilation is required, including high above bathroom walls or on top of kitchen sinks. These replacement windows are also worth considering if you’re looking for a style that resembles a casement look but is easy to operate and maintain. They can even be made-to-order and are available in two- and three-light sliding combinations, so it won’t be hard to find one that fits a specific window opening in your home!

Other Benefits to Consider

  • Minimal Maintenance 
    Since sliding windows have fewer parts than other windows, they won’t wear down easily. Cleaning is also more convenient especially if you have a tilt or double-tilt sliding window. This allows you to clean the exterior side from inside your home.
  • Reliable Security 
    Sliding windows come with different locking mechanisms depending on what you want. The single-lever latch mechanism locks in the middle where the two windows meet. Two track-latches are used in dual-sliding windows as they lock the end of each sliding sash. Multi-point mechanisms have three or more locks, so they’re usually available in high-end windows.

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