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How Gas Fills Make Your Windows Better

Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco proudly offers dual-pane, gas-filled windows, designed to help improve your home’s energy efficiency rating. Here is some background on what gas fills are and how they help with energy efficiency.


How Gas Fills Make Your Windows Better

Where Gas Fills Are

The space between the interior and exterior panes of a dual-pane window is filled with gas. The type of gas used to fill the said space has changed throughout the decades, from freon in the 1970s to krypton and argon in the 1980s.

Gas Fill Issues

Every window installed by Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco is filled with an argon gas blend that has proven to perform better than its traditional counterparts. Freon easily discolored the glass while krypton was unnecessarily expensive. Our blend primarily helps improve insulation, which is crucial to a window’s ability to keep heat from penetrating your home. The gas we use is also odorless and keeps windows looking clear. If you have a window that looks foggy, the gas in your windows may have leaked out, and now moisture is taking its place.

Gas-Filled Windows and Your Home

You need to have gas-filled windows that can help you save on energy consumption in your home. Have them inspected regularly, and curb signs of possible gas fill leaks as soon as you detect them. Leave the job to professionals, too.

Help make your home become more energy-efficient with windows from Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco. The combination of our argon gas blend, High-Performance™ glass and Fibrex® frames make for products that will truly last you a long time. Call us at (510) 263-3210 if you want to learn more. San Francisco homeowners are welcome to request a no-obligation consultation with our team.


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