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Homeowners Insurance: Does It Cover Broken Windows?

Home insurance is a great way to enjoy peace of mind knowing you have something to fall back on should anything untoward happen to your property. To make the most of your policy, however, it pays to fully understand whether or not you will be provided with the kind of protection you’re expecting, such as in the case of broken windows.

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Factors that determine whether or not you can count on your home insurance covering window damage include:

The Type of Coverage You Have

There are two main types of insurance coverage: named- and open-peril. A named-peril policy specifically lists the kinds of damage it covers while its open-peril counterpart provides a more general coverage including a wider range of risks.

If you have a named-peril policy then, you can count on it to pay for your broken windows when the cause of damage is included in the specified list of causes. If you have an open-peril policy, it will highly likely cover your broken windows unless the cause of damage is included in the list of exclusions.

Your Deductible Amount

After determining coverage based on the type of policy you have, you now have to consider the amount of your deductible, given it’s amount you have to pay for first before your insurance coverage kicks in and covers your expenses with window companies.

Say you have a $1,000 deductible, and the cost of getting new windows is $500. This means that you’re going to end up paying for your replacement windows because they cost less than your deductible. If you’re looking at $1,500 in damage, however, then your insurance policy will cover your broken windows.

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