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Handy Tips for Making the Most of Your Sunny Windows

Having sunny replacement windows always helps in making your home feel comfortable and relaxing. In fact, there are other ways you can use your sunny window other than just letting natural sunlight into your home. As locally trusted window contractors, we’re sharing some useful tips on how you can maximize your sunny windows.

Here’s what you can do:

Make Your Mornings Brighter

With a beautiful, sunny window, you can take advantage of the morning light. Putting a small, two-chaired table in the perfect spot under your window can make a big difference on your daily morning routine. Sunlight gives you endorphins, which make you happy, so starting your day with a little bit of joy can shrug off the dull feelings you may get as you start your day.

Grow Your Seedlings and Other Greenery

What better place to begin your gardening adventures than through your new and sunny replacement windows? So long as the window receives a good amount of light throughout the day, you can put in some of your seedlings right under it and let them bask under the natural light. Just make sure to water them regularly. You can even add draping plants and other greenery, especially if you’re looking to feel like you’re in a greenhouse.

Soften the Light

While it’s good to have sunny windows, they may be a little too bright on certain occasions. Any kind of indoor activity may become a bit more difficult to do if you’re squinting your eyes from the natural light. We suggest toning down the brightness by using blinds or curtains in a neutral shade. You can either choose toned-down colors that help temper the sun or go for white, especially since it’s a safe and common choice.

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