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Getting to Know French Doors

With their combined efficiency and great style, French doors are surely one of the most popular doors chosen by homeowners. They can easily match any type of window in a house may it be sliding, bay or specialty windows.

Getting to Know French Doors

But have you ever wondered why they’re called “French doors”? Read on to find out what’s so French about French doors.

What They Are

Constructed mainly with glass panes extending for most of their length, French doors are usually interchangeable with patio doors. However, there are differences between the two. For instance, the style of patio doors matches more perfectly with modern-looking homes whereas French doors are for houses with a classic and rustic vibe. 

French doors are a good addition to homes with few sources of natural light. With their large glass panes, homeowners need not use electricity to light up the room during sunny days. Furthermore, they will not have to worry about hiring window installation contractors to put in more windows since a French door is big enough to brighten up any space.

The History

If you think they are named as French doors because they originated in France, then you are right. Even so, there is more to it than just being named after a place. 

During the French Renaissance period, people were greatly influenced by new types of art and architectural styles. Designers created doors that were capable of allowing natural light to pass through – the first French doors.

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