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Getting a Quieter Home With New Windows

Getting new windows is never cheap, but if you wish to keep out unwanted noise from your next-door neighbor or any other noise pollution, then you need to make sure your new windows are worth the investment. 

How Do Windows Keep Out the Noise?

There are two important factors that affect a window’s sound transmission coefficient (STC). One is the window’s design and the other is its installation. Windows are rated with an STC to indicate how well they block sound waves. The higher the STC number, the better the sound control. 

To give you a clearer idea, a typical double-pane window with a 2 1/2-mil, single-strength glass provides an STC rating of about 28 to 32. But if you’re in an airport, you might wonder why you can hardly hear the loud airplane engines as they take off on the runway. This is because these locations usually require windows with a 35 to 40 STC rating.

How Noise Reduction Equates to Energy Efficiency

Most windows usually have both excellent noise reduction and high energy efficiency rating. Noisy windows can also affect your home’s indoor temperatures since they leak out indoor air and allow exterior drafts inside. Your AC system will work harder to keep the air quality at comfortable levels, which reduces energy efficiency. We recommend investing in high-performance windows that lower energy costs so that you’ll gain the added benefit of noise reduction. 

Weatherstripping both the frame and the sash can further reduce infiltration of any foreign elements, including dust, water, air and sound. Weatherstripping is usually the weak link in the system, so proper sealing is also vital during installation. And, while it may also add to your costs, we suggest laminated glass to enhance noise reduction because it’s a thicker product and gives additional safety features.

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