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Easy Fixes for Stuck WIndows

If you are a homeowner, it may be possible that you have dealt with a stuck window once or twice. And, it can be quite a headache, especially when you are not a handyman yourself. Fret not, there are many window companies like Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco that can easily fix your problem.

Easy Fixes for Stuck WIndows

There are many reasons why a window can get stuck, and there are also many ways to solve the problem. Here are some:

Slice the Stuck Gasket

Windows can easily stick to its gasket, especially when left shut for a long time. You can try sliding a blade or a knife between the frame and sash. After doing this, rattle the sash gently to free it from the window frame.

Now, this might be a dangerous fix since it involves sharp objects. Furthermore, doing this might invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. So, if you are not confident enough to do it properly, better call a professional window contractor to avoid accidents and voiding your warranty.

Clean the Hinges

Dust and grit buildup may cause your windows to jam. Oftentimes, simply cleaning the hinges can solve your problem. Just make sure not to use solvent-based lubricants or greases for it may damage your window’s finish. Spray one of these onto the hinges, and wait for a few minutes.

Have It Checked

Have the pros check if the spindle of your window’s handle is worn out. If that is the case, let them replace it. Professionals should do this job since it is crucial to place a new handle in the same position as the one you take off. Otherwise, the gearing in the lock will not line up with the handle, and your window will remain stuck.

A busted lock can also be the reason why your window won’t open. Unless you are a professional locksmith, you would be better off leaving this to someone who knows what they are doing. 

When all else fails, know that turning to experts is always the smartest way to fix a stuck window. Experienced window contractors like Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco can easily provide you with what you need. Call us today at (510) 263-3210, or fill out our service request form to get started! We serve homes in and around San Francisco.


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