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Contribute to the green initiative through Windows from Renewal by Andersen

Energy efficiency through proper insulation and utilization are now being adopted by various businesses, big and small. Recently, the campaign for energy efficiency in the country was brought to the fore by the Hilton Foundation. The group is now housed in an eco-friendly building with an LEED (or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification:

At first glance, you’d notice solar panels on the roof, abundant windows and daylight, and accessible natural outdoor spaces. But what really sets this high-performance building apart can’t be seen quite so literally: its high energy efficiency, pleasant interior environment for the occupants…

In designing a new permanent home, the foundation’s primary goals were environmental stewardship and crafting a simple, peaceful, healthy, productive and energy-efficient working environment that would last for at least 100 years.

According to Steve Hilton, “usually the architect controls the design process — a very top-down approach. However, with a cutting-edge green building such as ours, everyone on the team (architects, engineers, green consultants, general contractors, landscapers, owner) contributed towards the design.

Elsewhere in the sunny state, many other companies are following the green initiative. If you’d like to contribute in your own way, you ought to contact a San Francisco window contractor like Renewal by Andersen. Their special window types are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient; in fact, they can reduce the overall energy usage of a home significantly.

If you are searching for window contractors in San Francisco, zero in on a trusted brand like Renewal by Andersen, which has received numerous awards and certifications from various agencies and organizations. The goal of the company is to give you the value that you and your home deserve. Check out their website at to learn more about their “Green Seal” products and why they are touted as the most dependable window contractor in Bay Area.


(Article Excerpt and Image From Love Hilton Foundation headquarters yields more than energy savings,, March 17, 2014)



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