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Conditions That Indicate You Need to Replace Your Windows

Windows that receive proper care and maintenance generally surpass their expected lifespans. There are, however, certain situations where you have to replace your windows before their expected end of service life. 

Your Windows Are Significantly Damaged

Windows can be damaged on a structural level to the point where repairs and adjustments won’t do any good. Perhaps, the material isn’t intended for use in warm climates (as is often the case with cheap replacement windows purchased online), or, maybe, the windows got damaged when the house settled. Whatever the cause, structurally damaged windows will have problems like gaps between sash and frame or cracks on the glass. These can result in air leaks that lead to an increase in your heating and cooling requirements, which results in higher HVAC system usage and, therefore, higher energy costs.

You’re Planning a Major Home Renovation

A major home renovation is an opportunity to update parts of your home that weren’t part of the original plan. Your old windows may already be due for replacement so why not have them done with your home renovation? You can choose new window styles, colors and hardware that will complement the new look of your home. If the window frames are still structurally sound, ask your window contractor if they can do insert window replacement instead of full-frame.

You’re Restoring an Historic Home

Historic homes require fidelity to their original looks, especially if the property happens to be located in an area where historic preservation is mandated. In most cases, one doesn’t have to replicate the original structure using outdated technologies, such as windows with single-pane glass. Custom replacement windows are ideal for historic restoration because you can have windows that look almost exactly the same as the original, without sacrificing features, such as energy efficiency.

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