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Cleaning Renewal by Andersen® Sliding Windows Right

Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco sliding units are synonymous with painless upkeep.

Cleaning Renewal by Andersen® Sliding Windows Right

They come with easy-to-clean tracks and can be lifted out for convenient washing of the glass. Made with Fibrex® material, our sliding windows are warranted not to flake, blister, crack, rot, corrode, pit, peel or fade. Their exterior pane is coated with a layer of titanium dioxide, which reduces water spotting by up to 99% when activated by sunlight.

Despite the said low-maintenance features, it is imperative to give your sliding units some TLC the right way to preserve their structural integrity. Any maintenance errors may severely damage their components and nullify their warranties.

Below are important reminders when cleaning them.

Wipe Away Dust and Grime First

Remove dirt particles from all surfaces prior to the application of the cleaner. Using a soft, dry cloth, wipe any filth away. Never use ink-based papers like newspaper for they can stain the frames.

Use a Mild Cleaning Solution

Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco sliding windows are sensitive to abrasive cleaning agents. For best results, we recommend soapy water or diluted vinegar. Wipe the glass in a circular motion beginning from the top and work your way down.

Avoid the Sun

We discourage cleaning the glass in direct sunlight. Doing so may leave residue on the surface, which affects the clarity of the pane. In addition to waiting for the clouds to block the sun, clean your sliding units only when the temperature is between 40 degrees and 85 degrees.

Do Not Skip Yearly Lubrication

The moving parts of any operating window must be lubricated at least once every 12 months. Do not use any product, though; we recommend a dry lubricant to inhibit dirt buildup.

Learn more about the low-maintenance qualities of all Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco products. Call us at (510) 263-3210 to set up your free in-home consultation and to get your project off the ground. We serve San Francisco and the surrounding communities.


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