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Best Window Styles for Improving Home Ventilation

If you’re keen on improving ventilation in your home, you should consider the windows that you currently have and decide whether to swap them out for another style or not. Certain types of windows tend to be more effective in providing greater air flow and ventilation. Here are three of those.

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Casement Windows

A casement window is designed to be mounted on a hinge, which can be placed on either the left-hand or right-hand side. At its base, you’ll find a crank that needs to be turned in order to open a window pane outwards and at a certain angle. This enables the breeze blowing through the open window pane to be easily directed into the room. It also creates a cross-breeze effect, which enables casement windows to provide superior ventilation.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have a classic design that’s perfect for traditional style homes. But apart from being an excellent choice with regards to aesthetics, these replacement windows are also great for improving air circulation in your home. Both the upper and lower sashes of double hung windows can be opened at the same, so you can enjoy maximum air flow.

Horizontal Sliders

If you have limited outdoor space in the area where you need to install a window, you should opt for horizontal sliders. These windows do not protrude outside when you open them, so you don’t have to worry about creating an obstruction in areas that are used as walkways or part of your patio. Horizontal sliders may not offer as much ventilation as a double hung window since only half of a horizontal slider can be opened. However, it’s still a sensible choice for particular areas like the ones mentioned earlier.

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