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Beginners Guide to Window Design for Interiors

Getting replacement windows is a simple enough home improvement project. Or, rather, it can be if you already know what style works for your space. Otherwise, you might find yourself overwhelmed by just how many options you have for window styles. So, it’s important to understand your choices.

Modern or Traditional?

If your interiors have a modern look, you might want to go for equally modern window styles like casement windows. The simple and clean look of this type of window will complement your home’s sleek and minimalist feel. If you want to soften the look a little, you can add grilles.

If you want more of a traditional appeal, double-hung windows are a good choice. When you choose your replacement windows, ask your contractors if they have options for grille design patterns, too.

Lighting Control

Most homeowners think of how much natural light they’ll get when selecting window styles for their homes. While it’s really good to have windows that can brighten up the whole room, you should also consider a few things like how hot it would get at certain times of the day and if there are ways you can minimize that.

For example, you can use curtains and blinds in the living room and bedrooms, but the use of fabric is not really safe in the kitchen. So, you should take that into consideration, as well where the sun is at times when you need to work in the kitchen.

Specialty Windows Can Add More Impact Design-Wise

If you are not confined to traditional replacement windows, you should definitely consider bay windows, which not only make any room look bigger, but also provide you with a nook that’s perfect for extra seating or storage. Palladian windows are also a good option, especially if you are going for that classic and elegant appeal.

These are just some of the things that you should consider when choosing windows that will enhance your interiors. If you want to learn more about window style options, reach out to Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco at (510) 263-3210, and our experts will be happy to assist you. We offer services in San Francisco, CA, and nearby areas.


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