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Addressing Window Warping With Fibrex® Windows

While wood and vinyl windows are good options on their own, they have a very concerning weakness: warping. Wood windows are prone to absorbing excess water while vinyl windows are sensitive to blistering heat. Over time, the material will soften, resulting eventually in warped frames. 

Window Warping With Fibrex® Windows

When picking new windows, it pays to choose a high-quality material that guarantees you won’t run into warping issues in the long run. One of these materials is our proprietary Fibrex® frame. Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco, one of the top local window contractors, shares what it means to invest in our Fibrex windows.

Fibrex Is Composed of Composite Materials

This material is made by mixing reclaimed wood fiber with thermoplastic polymers. During the manufacturing process, our special polymer formulation fills and covers each strand of the wood fiber. This process ensures that Fibrex combines the amazing benefits of wood and vinyl while eliminating their drawbacks. As a result, it helps keep our window frames durable and protected against unwanted moisture and warping.

Fibrex Is Scientifically Proven to Survive Extreme Conditions

As a trusted window contractor, we are proud to say that our Fibrex’s innate durability is backed by science. A few years ago, we removed 10 Andersen® Corporation windows from one of our Minnesota clients after experiencing brutal winters and hot summers for over 20 years. As per ASTM E2068, the results of our tests reveal that our windows showed no signs of chipping, cracking and peeling even after enduring Mother Nature’s mood swings for two decades.

Fibrex Is Guaranteed Not to Deform

Choosing us as your contractor will give you some of the most outstanding warranties you can ever find. One of which covers defects on our Fibrex components, such as cracks, flakes and blisters. This warranty is good for 10 years from the original installation date. In case of damage, we will cover the replacement materials and labor costs.

Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco is one of the go-to window companies in the region. Experience the amazing benefits of Fibrex yourself. Call us at  (510) 990-3690, or complete our form to get started. We serve homeowners in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.


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