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4 Window Maintenance Habits to Start in 2020

Your windows need a lot of care. You can’t just have them installed and leave them alone afterwards. If you wish to make them last for a long time, you need to start caring for them now. Why not start the year right with some good window maintenance habits?

  1. Prepare Your Cleaning Area

Before washing your windows, make sure you’ve prepped the area. Move away any furniture. If you have kids or pets, don’t let them near your cleaning area for safety purposes. Check the area where your window opens to see if there are any flower pots or plants that might be affected.

  1. Remove Dust Buildup First

Do not just use a damp cloth and start cleaning right away. Use a duster or wipe your windows with a dry cloth first to remove any dust. If you clean your windows with soap and water, chances are you’re mixing the dirt with the cleaner. This might leave some unwanted stains afterwards.

  1. Use Soap, Sponge and Water

Check your window installation manual first before putting anything on your window. Typically, soap and water are the go-to cleaning materials. Some use warm water for better cleaning results.

  1. Dry and Shine With Caution

A clean and dry cloth can be used for freshening your windows after washing them. Other people use some pieces of newspapers as the ink in them offers a natural shine. Nevertheless, be careful when using any type of abrasive material on your windows. Once you scratch it, it can be hard to remove the blemish.

We hope that these practical ideas are useful for your next cleaning session. Make it a habit to clean not just your windows, but your doors as well. At Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco, we have window installation experts that can give you more advice on maintenance.

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