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4 Window Care and Maintenance Tips for Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic may have put your summer plans on hold. But even when sheltering in place, you can keep yourself busy with home maintenance tasks, such as caring for your windows.

1. Can’t Wash the Windows? Remove Dirt and Debris Instead

If washing the windows isn’t an option at the moment, we recommend removing dirt and debris from the window sill and the transition between sash and glass. You can use a clean and dry paintbrush to remove most of them, and then use an old toothbrush for tight spots. You should do this often if you have sliding windows. Dirt caught in the bottom tracks may lead to hard-to-open or stuck windows.

2. Can Wash, But Can’t Go Outside? Wash Your Windows From the Indoors

The easiest way to clean your windows is by using a garden hose. But it’s not the only way. If you have Renewal by Andersen® windows installed on your home, you should be able to tilt or remove the sashes for easy cleaning while indoors. Our casement windows feature off-center hinges instead of traditional ones, which allows full access to the entire window exterior from indoors. Our window installation experts can help you with a virtual walkthrough on how to disengage your window sashes. Before you clean your windows, make sure the surrounding areas are covered by plastic sheeting.

3. Replace Old Weatherstripping to Prevent Air Leaks

Weatherstripping are the strips of rubber or metal that seals the gaps between the window frame and sashes when you close them. They can get worn out over the years and will need to be replaced. You can purchase replacement rubber weatherstripping from various online stores. Remove old crumbling rubber weatherstripping by hand, and carefully peel off the remaining adhesive strip. Then, clean and dry the surface before installing the new one. You will need to have a window professional replace your weatherstripping if it’s made of metal.

4. Check Your Windows for Water Leaks

Water leaks, which usually occur when it rains, can happen even on new windows. Sometimes, misaligned window hardware or thermal expansion and contraction would cause gaps in parts of the window. Your window contractor can provide instructions on how to adjust your windows in case of window leaks.

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