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4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Check Your Windows’ Safety

Regardless of how careful you are, accidents can happen at home. As such, it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure that your home is safe for you and for your family. You might even need a window replacement project if they pose a danger to your home’s stability and safety. Here are four questions you should ask yourself to check if your windows are safe for your home.

Are My Windows Child Friendly?

You have to take extra care if you have your little ones are at home. Children are small and nimble enough to fit through window openings, and this could lead to accidents if they’re left unattended. To make sure that they don’t get through, keep your windows locked, see if there are small gaps for them to fit through, and inspect it to see if it can be detached in the event of an emergency.

Can I Escape Through the Window?

In the event of an emergency, in most cases, the window is quickest escape option since it can get people out of danger immediately. As such, see if your windows or other emergency exits are easily accessible for everyone in the family. If not, you can get new replacement windows that can be easily detached as a safety measure.

Do I Have Insect Screens?

Insect screens are a valuable addition to your home, especially if you live in an area where pest swarms are a normal occurrence. This protective barrier keeps them from coming in as well as other foreign objects or debris. However, keep in mind that this isn’t meant to be a protective measure for your child as insect screens are very light and cannot handle their weight.

Do My Windows Have Extra Safety Measures?

For every homeowner, safety is the number one priority on the list. However, this could be a problem in the event of an emergency. Make sure that extra safety measures like grilles or insect screens can be quickly detached during an emergency.

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