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4 Bad Window Maintenance Habits You Should Stop

It should be your priority to properly maintain your windows. They are important to your home’s integrity and insulation. Unfortunately, you may have bad habits that are damaging to your windows. 

Bad Window Maintenance Habits

Take better care of your windows and maximize their lifespan. Avoid the following bad maintenance habits:

1. Don’t leave your window covering down. This is especially true during the winter when it can cause trapped moisture that can damage the interior of your home. If you make it a habit to leave the coverings down when it’s cold, condensation can block the airflow and result in moisture buildup. High levels of moisture inside can damage and rot your wooden fixtures and furniture. Just leave your window covering a few inches to prevent trap moisture. 

2. Don’t use a power washer and a strong chemical window cleaner in your replacement windows. You should always be gentle when washing your windows. The pressure of a power washer and the muriatic acid in masonry cleaning solutions is damaging to your window’s seal. By damaging your window’s seal, you would be compromising your window’s insulation value. 

3. When your window has a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating on its glass, avoid topping it off with a storm window. This is because Low-E coated windows reflect heat from the sun. So, when you put a storm window on top of a Low-E coating window, it traps heat. The heat stuck between can only damage the window glass. 

4. You should make it a habit to lock your windows, not just for your own safety, but for your window’s maintenance, too. When your windows are locked, the seal between the sash and weatherstripping is tightened. This will help preserve your window’s insulation and energy-efficient values. 

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