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3 Ways Double Pane Windows Benefit You

When your home’s existing windows are already old and failing, the better solution is professional window replacement. And, to get the most out of this investment, it pays to have all your bases covered. You should, for example, consider the type of glass included with your new windows carefully. For many homeowners, this means getting double pane ones for greater window performance. 

  1. Ensure superior insulation: Double pane windows are exactly that: windows that come with two panes of glass instead of the standard one. These two panes are divided by a spacer that holds trapped gas between the panes, keeping the glass steady even when subjected to pressure. This results in replacement windows that can significantly reduce the amount of heat or cold entering your home.
  2. Maintain thermal comfort: When investing in window replacement, it’s always a good idea to choose new units that ensure your living space can keep a consistent indoor environment. Double pane windows are perfect for this. Because they prevent unwanted heat gain in your home, your rooms will remain cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. 
  3. Lower energy costs:Double pane windows improve insulation and keeps your home thermally comfortable – which translates into significant energy savings. By ensuring that outdoor temperatures don’t affect your home’s indoor environment, double pane windows allow for a lower amount in your monthly bills. You’ll probably also notice that outside noise doesn’t seem as loud as before. The reason is that double pane windows can block considerable noise transfer so now it’s more than possible to enjoy the quiet inside your home. 

Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco is the premier company you can count on for the highest quality window replacement services. Our double pane windows use advanced High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass that’s augmented by our superior argon gas fill. Providing exceptional heat resistance, our replacement windows ensure improved energy efficiency for your home.

Look no further than Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco for all your window replacement needs. We serve the areas in and around San Francisco, CA. Call us today at (510) 263-3210, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.


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