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3 Tips to Improve Your Windows’ Daylighting

Your windows grant you a great view of your neighborhood while letting in the warmth of the sun. This is achieved through the use of daylighting –  the act of using your windows as a medium to let natural light into your home. While it seems like a simple concept on paper, there are some things that you have to consider to optimize it.

Invest in High-Quality Windows

Just because your windows let in a tremendous amount of sunlight doesn’t necessarily mean your home has excellent daylighting. Excessive sunlight can cause glaring and discomfort since the heat goes through the windows, making daily life a chore. Your glass windows need to have panes, treatments or coatings to diffuse the light entering your windows and distribute it evenly across your space.

A window type that’s popular for its daylighting capabilities are punched windows. They let in the right amount of daylighting for your home, enhancing your energy efficiency and comfort. However, you may have to rearrange furniture and appliances in your space to allow light to spread evenly. Our replacement windows feature high visual transmittance that allows you to further enhance your home’s daylighting capabilities.

Rearrange Your Space

If your windows aren’t a problem, consider rearranging your furniture and appliances in a position that allows as much daylight in as possible. Tall appliances or furniture like plants or television sets could be in the way of your windows, which block the sunlight. Not only that, but you can create even more room for your home by rearranging your living space.

Redirect Light

Don’t forget to factor in your local climate, home orientation and your home’s design. If you want to improve your home’s daylighting capabilities, you can split the position of your windows. The upper glazing can be used to let natural light in while the bottom glazing can be used to view the great outdoors.

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