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3 Creative Ways to Make Your Roof and Windows Work Together

The windows in your home offer a range of functions. Aside from offering privacy, your windows are responsible for letting in natural light and air. They also have a huge role to play in appearance and design. That said, you need to match your roofing with the right windows.

  1. Choose One Visual Effect and Enhance It

Determine what type of roofing you have at home. Metal roofs can work with casement or picture windows. The sleek and clean layout of metal roofing matches the classic look of casement. If you have slate roofing, something neat and nifty like double-hung windows would look nice. The key is choosing something you want to play up, whether it’s classic or modern. Afterwards, let your windows accessorize that look.

  1. Let the Main Focus Be the Main Focus

When choosing color schemes and textures, don’t let your eyes (and other people’s) be confused. Stick to a specific shade, or use complementary tones. Establish a cohesive look by getting expert help. As a professional replacement windows company, we help clients mix and match. Your roof covers the largest (and most visible) portion of your household. That is why your window style would normally revolve around it. Which window designs seem to complement it? Stick to those.

  1. Balance Form, Symmetry and Structure

Let’s say you’re having windows installed. This is the perfect opportunity to do-over your exterior design. Again, start with your current design. For instance, Victorian houses have pointed roofing. That is why casement windows can perfectly balance this. Another example is a Georgian house wherein the door is found at the center. You can balance this by having picture windows (or combination) installed.

Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco offers casement, double-hung, picture and sliding windows – and more. Our window professionals can help you choose the right window that matches your roofing structure.

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